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Fics and stories are up!

Posted by milosflaca on 2009.12.25 at 14:58
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Kids! stories and fan arts are up. Sorry for the lateness of this post :P

However I hope everyone enjoys his or her gift.

And as usual, remember to send feedback to your sesa :D

Ah yes, another thing. Few months ago, before we launched sign ups and stuff, some people asked if they could post reviews of the fics.

Ari and I don't have anything against such practices, but if you are to write a review, please keep in mind that the fics and fan arts posted here are , gifts for somebody else, and the person who wrote it might not be pleased to find out someone is giving a unfavorable review of their gift.

If you still want to write a review, how about this? when I was participating at the popslash sesa, we wrote posts of the stories we liked the most (which is valid and helpful as recs, in case you as a reader, don't want to go throughout the whole list of fics!). That way we don't offend anyone and provide a helpful guide through this year's sesa.

in any case all recs should be done tastefully without insults, etc. You know the drill.

You can post your list here (the link) -I don't know if all members can post, I need to check that- and I'll make a master list so anyone can browse it.

As usual the authors will be revealed on January 6th.

Thanks again for participating on this year's Sesa :D



Posted by ariadnem on 2009.12.16 at 00:12
So, it was our submission deadline yesterday. We're very thrilled that most of the participants have already sent their assignments and the website is almost ready to be uploaded on Christmas Eve so that everyone can find their virtual gifts early on Christmas morning.

A few people have requested for extensions, I mean, RL can get in the way sometimes, and well, they've been granted; after all, these participants have contacted us in advance so that we could organise ourselves.

Now, the drawback is: some other people are actually MIA. As mods, milosflaca and me talked about this and we've e-mailed people, asking them to show up today, otherwise, we'll have to find pinch hitters and we'll fill in for them.  Yeah, all that is a pain, but well, if we want the SeSa to succeed, we've got to make it work.  That's why, we're being patient and we'll wait.  Starting on Thursday, however, we'll give away whatever assignment that doesn't make to our inbox by Wednesday.  And...the worst part of all, we'll have to ban people from participating next year.

Don't get us wrong...we've just had terrible experiences the prior two years, having to fill in for someone and not having enough time, and we're just trying to be fair with the ones who've submitted their stories on time or have requested extension properly. 

So guys!  if you're one of those who are MIA, please do contact us.  Please?

All in all, it was a good day.  Everything is almost ready and both, stories and arts are amazing  *.*  You're so gonna love this year's SeSa.



Important Information

Posted by ariadnem on 2009.09.23 at 09:25
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About DeadlinesCollapse )

About special requests.Collapse )


Sign ups are now closed!

Posted by ariadnem on 2009.09.19 at 11:35
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Hi guys,

Sign ups are now officialy closed, though we've decided to wait for a couple of people who had problems with their submission form and an MIA friend.

Thank you all for signing up!!!!!  We've had new people every year and this time we're 28!!!!  And to think that in our first year we were just a bunch  *is excited*

Expect your assignments on your inboxes on Monday.


Sign ups still open!!!

Posted by ariadnem on 2009.09.12 at 11:49
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Keep spreading the word, everyone! We already have 21 people registered, two more to come (tehy're deciding what they'll request), a couple of missing ones who hopefully will find the way back home to us and will participate and four people to pinch hit in fanfic at least.

So, guys, remember to go here to sign up!


It's time!

Posted by milosflaca on 2009.09.01 at 15:20
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Sign ups!

Go, go, go! :D


SeSa Icons

Posted by ariadnem on 2009.08.28 at 15:24
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Hi guys...here we are, introducing our SeSa little by little.  We'll start putting information this weekend, so that by Tuesday you have all the information to start preparing for the fun!!!!

Thank you turlough  for the icons.

Created with angelamaria's Icon Table Generator @ Bauble

Edit: Now you, we're open to anything you want to send: banners, icons, messages.

Spread the word and tell everybody.

This year's Saint Seiya SeSa is coming!


Official Saint Seiya Secret Santa 2009

Posted by ariadnem on 2009.08.14 at 15:51
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Oh yes, that time of the year is finally here!

As it is becoming a tradition for us, this year we’ll carry out our Saint Seiya Secret Santa Event. milosflaca and myself are coming back as the administrators of it and that’s why we’d like to ask you a few questions.

1. What do you think we can improve
a. The Website
b. The options for the challenge
c. The delivery policy
d. All of them  (tell us more about it)

2. What new things would you add to our SeSa?

3. Would you be willing to pinch hit this year in case we need you? 

4. Was the time framework in 2008 enough foer your assignment completion?

5. Do you have any suggestions for the admins?

Don't worry about what your are going to write here.  We ask you to be completely honest with your answers, so to protect the privacy of your messages we are screening all comments: in that way you can tell us what you think.   Just one thing, if you're writing as anonymous because you don't have an LJ account, just leave your name.

We want to improve this year's SeSa and that's why we're counting with all of you.  Spread the word and tell everyone!


Let's play a gammeeeeee!

Posted by milosflaca on 2008.12.25 at 11:01
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Well, now that the SeSa madness is over (well, sort of), I wanted to suggest a challenge.

We did it at the popslash fandom during SeSa eve, and I thought it might be fun to do it here :D.
In any case I'll do it, because that's what I did on the other SeSa.

The thing is: Try to read every fic and send feedback to all authors. Then, try to guess who wrote or draw what. If you happen to know an author of a particular fic and the person who's guessing got it wrong, don't correct him or her (the same applies to fan art, of course).

We had a lot of fun at the popslash fandom guessing fics and explaining why we thought this or that particular fic was written by *that* author.

I don't know if this is too lame for you guys, but I'll do it (At least send feedback. I can't do the guessing part, because I know who wrote what, since I organized the SeSa this year)

btw there was this other game at the popslash fandom in which the people won something if their guesses were correct. So if you guess which entry I did, you will earn a free drawing from me :) (you can ask for any Saint you want).

I'm gonna read all of them anyway and send feedback etc. If you want to guess you can leave a comment here :D (I think you can't post here unless you are a moderator of the com, but a comment will do)

ETA 1: comments are screened, by the way :D

ah yes, you can also guess the Authors from fan arts :)

ETA2: and I did. Read everything and sent feedback as well. such good fics this year and gooood drawings :D you guys rock. thank u so much for being part of the SeSa this year.


It's time! :D

Posted by milosflaca on 2008.12.24 at 20:38
Current Mood: accomplishedaccomplished
Stories and Fan arts are now up! ( I know, I uploaded it a little earlier, but I had to go out)

Click here to go to the SeSa site!

Thank you so much for participating this year on the STS SeSa. All the Stories and Fan arts are posted on the '2008 stories & Fan Art' link. Authors will be revealed on the 31th of December. *Please* take a minute to send feedback to your secret santa. You can do so by sending your feedback to our contact address (sts.sesa (at) gmail (dot) com). We'll forward it to your writer or fan artist ASAP.

I would like to take a moment to thank Muinteor, Plantress, Adalisa and Ariel for helping us to pull this through! We couldn't have done it without you guys (for real). So thank u, thank u, thank uuuuuu! :D. You *ARE* the real secret santas of this year!!!!
As usual if there's a link broken, please notify me immediately. I (Aurea) double checked for stuff like that, but you know...
it could happen.

Oh yes, After the author reveal has been made, please don't forget to check this community! We'll be running a poll and a discussion post to hear all your opinions about this year's SeSa as well as your suggestions to improve the next SeSa event.
See you next year! Happy holidays!
Ariadne & Aurea

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